Monday, 24 July 2017

Kickstarter and Gamescom coming up in August

We are working on 2 huge things at the moment. One is a Kickstarter, that is due August 2017, and the other is our GamesCom booth, which is also due in August 2017.

The Kickstarter will be for our upcoming game, BadLands RoadTtip, the physics gun, open world action RPG. We will not post too many details yet, but keep an eye on the videogames section of Kickstater in the first half of August, and you will be sure to find us (also, we will post here once we've started).

The GamesCom 2017 booth is as good as completely planned and cared for. You can come over and play the first demo of the game with us and other fans over LAN. We will show a lot of concepts and you can have a chat with the developer. Check us out at booth 10.1 D025.

August will be an exciting month. Come back us on Kickstarter and we hope to see you at GamesCom!