Products and Services

I am for hire as game software engineer and consultant. If you are interested in business-to-business products and services, please contact me at Prices are to be negotiated and depend on the amount of work and the kind of project.


I aim to make games with unique features that are not usually available in the ordinary game. Products and services are only available for the Unity3D engine for now, but I aim to expand to the Unreal engine in the near future.

Your game's functionality can depend on libraries that are already available from my code-stock. These libraries can also be used under license. The functionality of these libraries include:

  • Neural Networks
  • MIDI conducted game mechanics
  • Music driven gameplay
  • Visual Novel display functionality 
  • Rebindable controls
  • Translation system

You can also request a custom library product. Please send inquiries by E-mail and I aim to respond as soon as possible.


With over 20 years of experience in computer programming and software engineering with the focus on games, I can help you get your game to release on time.I can provide you with the following services:

  • Module development: Your Unity game needs a unique feature. You and I will hold a couple of design sessions and create a module for you with an API that will slot right into your game. With periodic check-ups, following SCRUM principles, the module will arrive on time and be tailor-made to your game.
  • Consultancy: Maybe you are stuck at a development stage, maybe you need help to start or maybe you need someone to keep the development in check. With bi-weekly consultancy sessions you and I can bring your game from idea, to design, to a sleek, shippable product.
  • Full game development: You are a producer with the budget and a fantastic idea. I have a vast network of professionals in many fields who are eager to do their craft. Let's make a game!

This is only a selection. I can take on any game software design or development assignment, if necessary. Please send inquiries by E-mail and I aim to respond as soon as possible.